Our Mission

Our mission is for you to play your best game.

This is why we bring you products that help you crush your drives while playing with consistency.

Our Brands

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Sterling Irons Single Length Irons

Quickly transform and discover the utmost consistency, pinpoint accuracy, and overall peak performance with our innovative, custom fit, and brilliantly designed Sterling Irons® single length irons…these clubs are best in class and assembled right here in the USA!

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Rapidly and drastically unleash your power and play consistently with a steady and reliable game using Swing Man Golf's effective and easy-to-understand world class golf instruction paired with our expertise in long drive and our pioneering golf fitness swing speed training programs for amateurs and pros alike.

Certification is also available for motivated PGA pros and fitness trainers.

About Us

Jaacob Bowden, PGA is the founder of Golf Ventures LLC

Jaacob Bowden, PGA was an average golfer now turned touring professional and long drive champion. When not playing tournaments and focusing on playing his own best game, through Golf Ventures he uses his unique background, expertise, and success to create products and solutions for other golfers that simplify complexity, provide clarity, get results, and help them better enjoy this game that they love so much.

Learn more at JaacobBowden.com.

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