It’s in our company nature to look at things and think about how to make them better.

We use our experience to provide simple, intuitive, & practical ways to improve.

Often times that's in golf, but sometimes we venture outside the golf space.

What We Do

See > Analyze > Enhance

We take a look at what is going on, holistically analyze using data combined with our expertise & wisdom, & then recommend, come up with, and/or provide a solution and/or improvement.

We are great at things like enhancing user experience, increasing efficiency, boosting performance, making flow smarter and more intuitive, cleaning up how something looks, optimizing spatial arrangement, simplifying, and much more.




Some of things we have ventured in to…

Sterling Irons Logo

Sterling Irons Single Length Irons

We saw that one of the main benefits to single length irons is increased consistency with iron and wedge play.

However, through our research we discovered that single length irons being manufactured at the time had several key ways in which they could be improved :

Performance & Design

Prior single length sets had low lofted clubs that flew too low, high lofted clubs that flew too high, and entire had distance gap bunching between clubs.

Most single length sets were also 5, 6, or 7-iron length. Many golfers found that length be not very easy to adjust to around the greens for short game shots.

Custom fitting is critical to peak performance and options could further be expanded.


The quality of materials being used were not optimal and the quality control on specifications of sets going out the door could be raised to a higher degree.


Most sets subjectively were not to our taste.


It was not legal to play most single length sets in USGA sanctioned play.

We decided to do something about this and we subsequently revolutionized the single length iron market by launching Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Swing Man Golf Logo

We were frustrated with the level of golf instructional and training information that we saw out in the market, even by well-meaning and popular instructors and trainers.

Like many golfers, we were also interested in hitting the ball further. Beyond technical instruction and custom club fitting, there was virtually no information out there about how to rapidly train your body to swing faster…and what little information was out there wasn’t very good. However, based on our knowledge and experience in other sports, we knew that bodies could be trained to improve speed, strength, and power to better crush drives.

We responded with action and through our research and testing launched Swing Man Golf, a website were golfers rapidly and drastically unleash their power and learn to play consistently with more steady and reliable games through easy-to-understand world class golf instruction paired with an expertise in long drive and pioneering golf fitness swing speed training programs for amateurs and pros alike.


We have experienced unprecedented times of often uncomfortable separation in our world, from politics to religion and everything in-between, even amongst our dear neighbors, long-time friends, family members, and more.

In walking around Washington, DC, we saw a lot of yard signs that said, “Hate Has No Home Here”.

Although we understand that the idea is to combat hate, it’s also important to understand that when one fights against something, you also actually help propagate it further.

It’s actually better to focus on what you do want versus what you don’t want.

So, the “Love Has A Home Here” project is our way of helping promote and shine what we do want…the light of love.

More info is coming soon!


Jaacob Bowden

Jaacob Bowden, PGA
Professional Athlete & Entrepreneur

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Learn more about Jaacob at JaacobBowden.com.

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